Cord Blood Donation FAQ’s

What are stem cells and how are they useful?

Stem cells are the master cells in our body. Depending on their source, these cells are capable of transforming into more than 250 cell types in our body. Because of this property, stem cells remain the only chance of cure in several medical conditions.

Why is cord blood useful?

In recent years cord blood has been identified as one of the richest sources of stem cells that could be used effectively to treat a variety of diseases.

In what conditions can they be used?

As on date, stem cells have been used to treat almost 70 different diseases. Some of them are blood cancers like Leukemia and Myelo-proliferative disorders, Inherited Red Cell abnormality like Thalassemia, Immune-deficiency disorders and inherited metabolic disorders.

Does collecting cord blood affect the baby?

No. Cord blood is collected only after the birth of the baby and after clamping of the cord. The baby is in no way deprived of blood as the routine process of delivery is not interfered with in any way.

Does the cord blood collection harm the mother?

No, it does not harm the mother in any way. It is a completely safe, harmless and painless procedure.

Can all pregnant women have their baby's cord blood collected or donate the cord blood?

Cord blood can be collected from all pregnant mothers, who have a normal pregnancy and delivery, and when both the mother and baby(ies) are healthy.

Will a blood sample be collected from the mother?

Yes, we will collect a sample from the mother anytime from the onset of labour to within two days of the baby’s birth.

What are the tests done on the samples collected?

Jeevan does all tests as per the requirement of national and international bodies guiding stem cell storage and transplant.

Who can use these stem cells?

Once these cells pass the screening tests, anyone in any part of the world can use them subject to HLA compatibility.

Specific to Jeevan’s Public Stem Cell Bank…

What is HLA testing?

HLA or Human Leukocyte Antigen testing is the test for specific proteins that are present on the surface of the leukocyte (white blood cell). If stem cells from one individual have to be transplanted into another person, the HLA types of the donor and recipient need to match.

Do I need to pay the cord blood bank any fee when I donate my baby's cord blood?

There is no fee involved, as you have offered to generously donate the cord blood for anyone’s use. The cord blood / stem cell bank takes care of the costs involved in the collection, transport, processing and storage.

Who owns the stem cells derived from donated umbilical cord?

Jeevan Stem Cell Bank owns the cells.

If I need the stem cells, can I get them back?

In case the cells are available, you will be able to use the same.

Will I have to pay to get the stem cells back?

Yes, you will have to reimburse JSCB the cost of collection, testing, processing and storage.