About Jeevan

Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre, a registered public trust, was started on 24th September 1995.

Until March 31 2017, Jeevan had 4 projects – the blood bank (1995-2017) is no longer operational. Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre has now been renamed as Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation and operates 3 projects currently.


Blood Bank (1995 – 2017) was started with the vision of providing, on demand, safe blood components collected from non-remunerated voluntary blood donors, using appropriate and current technologies, in accordance with international standards. It was the only independent blood bank in Chennai to be accredited to NABH standards. Jeevan had collected over 150,700 blood donations and made available over 377,000 units of safe blood and blood components to the community without charging anything except the cost of testing and processing.


    1. Public cord blood bank (2007) was established to enable quick and affordable access to matching stem cells from donated cord blood to Indian children living globally with blood cancers, Thalassemia and bone marrow diseases. Jeevan currently has over 6400 stem cell units ready for patients and is the largest active public cord blood bank in South Asia. The vision is to create an inventory of 30,000 stem cell units before 2022 and this will help over 60% of patients to find a match. It has been funded by a grant from the Government of Tamil Nadu, ONGC, Rotary Foundation, Rotary Club of Madras East, Cognizant Foundation, Street Edge Foundation (USA), Chaitanya Builders, TVH, Freemasons, Gimpex Foundation, India Cements and Khivraj Motors amongst others. Jeevan also received a loan of INR 15.4 crores from Technology Services Revolving Fund (IDA + IBRD + Government of India fund, managed by ICICI). We receive approximately 30 search requests a month and have facilitated 73 transplants.


    1. High resolution HLA laboratory (2013) enables access to HLA typing of international standards in India with the shortest turn-around time of five working days at a subsidised cost for patients with blood cancers, Thalassemia, bone marrow diseases and potential stem cell donors. In keeping abreast with technology, Jeevan has updated its High Resolution HLA Laboratory and now performs full Gene Sequencing HLA Typing. Major financial donors for this programme are Tata Trusts, United Way of Chennai, Consulate General of Australia, Sundaram Finance Ltd. Jeevan provides free HLA typing for patients and potential bone marrow donors managed by Sankalp Foundation, Bengaluru. By this, we have facilitated 73 successful transplants.


  1. Bone marrow donor registry (2015) was set up in June 2015 to create a registry of 100,000 adult stem cell donors before 2022. It is funded through grants from Jamsetji Tata Trust and United Way of Chennai. Around 6300 potential donors from a pool of regular blood donors have already enrolled.


Important milestones in the 21 years journey:


1995    Established the first 100% component Blood Bank in India.

1999    First blood Centre in India to be certified to ISO 9000 standards.

2000    Introduced in India the concept of satellite blood storage through a G.O. issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu, which became a national policy in December 2001.

2006    Launched the “Make Blood Free” programme. This programme currently supports the needs of patients of Tanker Foundation, Adyar Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital (Egmore) and children with Thalassemia. This project is supported by Cognizant Foundation.

2007    Established the first Public Cord Blood Bank in India. Operates the largest active public cord blood bank in South Asia region.

2010    Jeevan became the first independent blood bank in South India to be accredited to ISO 15189 standards by National Accreditation Board For Hospitals (NABH), currently the only independent blood bank in Chennai to be accredited.

2013    Established the high resolution HLA typing Laboratory and met international standards. Done over 7000 HLA typing.

2014    Jeevan was listed in the Bone Marrow Donor worldwide (www.bmdw.org)

2014    Empanelled to NMDP (USA)

2015    Established Jeevan Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

2015    Recognised as best healthcare NGO by FICCI (TN) and Government of Tamil Nadu.

2016    Jeevan becomes the largest active not for profit Public Cord Blood Bank in South Asia.

2016    Recognised as SIRO by DSIR

2016    Accredited by Charities Aid Foundation

2017    Established Jeenomics, the Next Generation Sequencing HLA Laboratory

Jeevan is committed to create an inventory of 30,000 stem cell units from donated umbilical cord blood from across India and register 100,000 committed Bone Marrow Donors from across India before December 2022. This will enable quick and affordable access to matching stem cells from donated umbilical cord blood or bone marrow stem cells to Indians living globally with Blood Cancer, Thalassemia and other curable blood diseases.