Jeevan Stem Cell Registry (JSCR) FAQs

What is the process of stem cell donation?

You can donate your stem cells in two ways.More than 90% of people donate their stem cells by a process similar to donating platelets. This is called peripheral blood stem cell collection ( PBSC ). The other 10% donate through bone marrow, where they give cells from the bone marrow in their pelvis.

If I am a match, will I be paid for the donation?

No. By registering in JSCR, you are committing to be a voluntary non remunerated stem cell donor.

How does the PBSC donation work?

It is a relatively simple process. You will receive injections of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) for 5 days. This is a naturally-occurring hormone which increases the number of blood forming stem cells your body produces. Possibly on the fourth day you will receive the injection in the hospital and a blood sample is collected for counting the number of cells in the blood. The PBSC donation will start the next day. A nurse or doctor will insert a tiny tube into the vein in your arm. The tube will be connected to a machine to collect the stem cells. Donation only takes about 2-6 hours. Several donors are fit enough to go back to work straight after PBSC donation. Occasionally we’ll need to collect more cells the following day.