HLA Laboratory

Jeevan’s HLA laboratory, Jeenomics, does Next Gen Sequencing High Resolution Typing of potential stem cell donors, cord blood donations from our registries and prospective recipients who are referred to us from other transplant centres across India. In 2014, our HLA laboratory services were expanded to include samples from various transplant centres across the country and in 2015, this was further expanded to type our adult stem cell registry donors.


We perform HLA typing for Class I (A, B, C) & Class II (DRB1 and DQB1)


  • Peripheral Blood
  • Cord Blood
  • DNA
  • Buccal Swabs


We are equipped with the state-of-the-art validated Robotic Technology for the DNA extraction and sequencing process.

Key Highlights of Jeenomics HLA Typing

  • Whole Gene NGS HLA typing for both Clinical and Registry samples.
  • No ambiguities, hence there is no need for included alleles to be reported in the appendix page.
  • Our extensive coverage helps in resolving all the Null alleles and Novel alleles that may be present in any part of the gene.
  • We offer HLA (A, B, C, DRB1 and DQB1) as a panel for just Rs. 9000/- (inclusive of all taxes and Shipment charges)
  • Pan India sample pick up facility
  • TAT of just 5 working days.

Turn Around Time

  • 5 working days for Clinical Samples
  • 15 working days for Registry Samples

Contact Person
Mr. Nirmal Kumar

Email : jeenomics@jeevan.org